• September, 06, 2014

    5 nifty JavaScript tricks that you may not know

    Over the years, I have seen several JavaScript techniques that are particularly clever. Here's a short list of 5 such techniques that I have been using again and again. I hope it inspires you too to rethink how you write certain piece of code. And, please note that some people may think clever coding impacts readability and they might be...

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  • September, 03, 2014

    How to set Expires header for static assets in Nginx

    This blog is built on Jekyll and served by Nginx. I chose Jekyll so that I could gain some performance boost from the static, pre-generated blog content rather than serving every blog request from a database. Nginx was the obvious choice because it's the efficient HTTP server out there. However, every time I check my pages in Pagespeed, it complains...

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August, 16, 2014

Convert a namespaced string, value pair to an JavaScript object

Here's a little code snippet that I wrote recently to convert a namespaced string, value into an JavaScript object. i.e. if passed a value ("foo.bar.baz", 10) the function will return...

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June, 07, 2014

Basic Setup to get started with grunt as a server and less compiler

As a web developer, often I am in a need of quickly putting together a static website to try out ideas. My requirements are simple: create some html/css files in...

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March, 24, 2014

Brainvita - 33 Hole Peg Solitaire Game in JavaScript

I had some free time this week. So set out to build a simple board game in JavaScript to refresh my skills. For this, I chose one of my favorite...

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February, 16, 2014

Javascript Prototype methods vs Object methods

In JavaScript, when you define an object, you can attach it's functions in two different ways. Inside object's constructor function, using this.func = function(){...} Using prototype. i.e. Obj.prototype.func = function()...

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February, 02, 2014

Responsive timeline with CSS and HTML

TLDR; https://github.com/vraa/css-timeline Just finished updating/redesigning (or messing up) my online resume. For the new design, I needed a timeline like UI component to show my work history. The componenent need...

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January, 04, 2014

Looking back and forward (2013)

One more year has passed and we made it so far after the deadly 2012 end-of-the-world incident. Kudos to us. As I usually do at the end of each year...

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December, 29, 2013

Biking the East Coast Road

This post was supposed to be written couple of weeks back. But, thanks to my laziness, it had to wait for this long to get published. Anyways, here's a (pretty...

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October, 08, 2013

Joined ThoughtWorks

The news is, I have left PayPal last week, and joined ThoughtWorks as an UI developer. I have been associated with PayPal for almost 3 years (with 3 months break...

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