Gone are the days when browsers were used only for browsing. Firefox's active developers community has changed the entire meaning of why the browsers are being used for. These days, you can get an Firefox plug-in for each and every single thing that you may wanna do at online. When the plug-ins are available for everything, why not the web application development !? I just tried to find out if it is possible to use Firefox as an end-to-end web development IDE. Starting from the application prototyping, development, debugging to application deployment, is it possible to all these things with out leaving your Firefox ? Lets see if it is or not.

Prototyping '“ Pencil:

Pencil is an Firefox add-on that enables you to do application prototyping and simple sketching. Can't afford to buy a commercial diagramming application !? Or bored with heavy-weight desktop applications!? Then you may have a look at the Pencil add-on for your prototyping needs.

Coding '“ CodeTech:

Wanna run Dreamweaver inside Firefox !? Take a look at codeTech. Enables you to edit your web pages as you browse.

Debugging '“ Firebug:

I hope that *Firebug *doesn't need any introduction. This awesome plug-in lets you to debug your JavaScript, dig into your HTML page structure, monitor the server-client data communication and to manipulate the DOM. I especially like Firebug's console output. No more '˜alert' boxes, just do '˜console.log('Hello World');'

Profiling '“ YSlow (and Firebug):

*YSlow *is an FF add-on that integrates with Firebug, which analyzes your web pages and suggests you some solution based on a set of rules. And, Firebug lets you to profile your JavaScript code.

Deploying '“ FireFTP:

Done with your website !? You must be using remote server for hosting your website. How do you transfer your files to that server !? FTP !? Then have a copy of *FireFTP *in your Firefox browser. FireFTP integrates very well with FF and lets you to transfer files to a remote server using FTP protocols.

So, looking at the above list my answer for the title of this post is YES, Firefox can be used as an end-to-end web development IDE. What say !? Am I missing any other important web development plug-ins !?