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5 most useful IntelliJ IDE keyboard shortcuts

I've been an ardent IntelliJ IDE user for a long time now. IntelliJ IDE provides ample keyboard shortcuts to help programmers write code fast. Below shortcuts are the top of my most used list.

Ctrl + Shift + Enter

This shortcuts lets me quickly puts the cursor in the new line, even if my cursor is in the middle of my current line. While I mostly uses it to move the cursor to the new line, this shortcut is more advanced than that - it can complete the current statement and place the cursor in the next possible edit.

Ctrl + y

Removes the current line.

Ctrl + Shift + E and then Ctrl + Shift + E

The first shortcut shows me the recent location of my cursor and when I press again it filters and shows only the recently edited locations. Once I learned this shortcuts, my mouse usage has come down drastically.

Ctrl + E and then Ctrl + E

Similar to the above shortcut, but it shows the files instead of locations.

Ctrl + Shift + A

I can control anything on the IDE basically using just this one shortcut. Search for the settings / action that I want and run it. Switching theme, toggling word wrap, building projects, solving world hunger - anything you want.