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Console2 - an alternative to Windows command prompt

Recently I happened to use Windows to do some cross browser testing (no prizes for guessing the browser). It's  been a long time since I used Windows and Ubuntu has become my primary OS then. And, when I was a windows user, I never cared about its command prompt. Mainly because I never had anything to do in the command line.

But things have changed, thanks to Git. Now, the command line has become an inseparable tool in my dev life. Ubuntu has console which is quite effective to work with. But, Windows command prompt is never programmer-friendly.

For an example - have you ever tried to copy & paste text in command prompt? If you'd, you know its PITA. So, I was eagerly searching for an command prompt alternative just because of this one reason.

Thanks to Console2, I found one.


[]: http://sourceforge.net/projects/console/

Here's why I like this little tool:

  1. Copying is now really simple: **Shift Left click **and **drag **to select text and copy. You can even enable the option to auto copy when you select the text.
  2. Pasting is *dead *simple - just middle click.
  3. Support for tabs - you can have multiple console tabs inside single window.
  4. Ability to set 'startup directory' and configure shortcut keys.

Now this Console2 has completely replaced the Windows command prompt & Power shell. If you are in Windows, try this - you won't regret.