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Download and install JSTL

To add JSTL to your project;

Download jstl.jar & standard.jar (360KB)

  1. Download the *jstl.jar *and standard.jar files from the above download link (or you can get these from your local Apache Tomcat installation too!)
  2. Put them in your project's WEB-INF/lib folder.
  3. Add them to the CLASSPATH.
  4. Now you can use JSTL in your pages.

So, why this post about an obvious thing?

Well, I've seen people get confused when they try to install JSTL for the first time. They google for 'download JSTL or install JSTL' which will end up in the page JSTL downloads (which is surprisingly still hosted at ***). *And, god only knows what you can download from *that* page!

That is why I'd put together this simple download link. Hope it'll be useful for the JSTL beginners.