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Gitflow - Animated

So, I built a React app to visualize and animate the Gitflow. Basically, in Gitflow,

  1. There's a master branch.
  2. You create a develop branch off of master. This develop branch is your bread and butter as most of your changes go in here.
  3. feature and release branches are created off of develop.
  4. Once you are done with feature, you merge it to develop.
  5. Once you are done with release, you merge it to both develop and master. And you tag the release.
  6. If there's a issue in production, you create a hotfix branch off of master.
  7. Once hotfix is done, you merge it back to master and develop and tag the release.

Animate the Gitflow

Source: https://github.com/vraa/gitflowanimated

Click on the buttons below / next to each branch to simulate the action and see the commits flowing.