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Great Indian Developer Summit - 2008

Got a chance to attend Java Conference at first Great Indian Developer summit, which was held at Bangalore on May 19-24. I have been nominated from my company, along with others, to attend this conference. The summit was organized at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and there were three different tracks of events, namely .Net, Web2 and Java. The focus of the entire conference is on €œEnterprise productivity€ and all the masters and geeks, who spoke at the conference, shared some useful tips on enterprise productivity.

I attended the Java conference on May 22 and 23. Most of the sessions were focussed on dynamic languages such as Groovy. Even some workshops taught how to set up and execute Groovy. Before attending this conference I have zero knowledge about Groovy. But, now I feel that I should start learning it.

There was a session about €œDomain Specific Languages (DSL)€, taken by Dr. Venkat. He was talking about this DSL, and giving the programming task to the business users. i.e. in the current scenario, business users draft the requirements of the application (business rules) and programmers do the coding for that business rules. The Domain Specific Languages enables the business users to write business rules that can be executed directly.

And few sessions were talking about SaaS (Software as a Service) model. The speaker was telling about having a centralized application/database, which would be accesses by different customers/clients. A single database will contain the data about all different companies, signed up for that service. But, my concern is about security and privacy of the companies business data. I feel it not a good idea to store different companies information in single storage system. Anyhow, this was the thought of speaker, so better not arguing it further.

And, final day of the conference rocked by the Java Teenager party, which I didn€™t attend. :-( Overall, it was a great experience for me to see the geeks at action. I hope I will be attending the next year€™s conference also.