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Hiking Mission Peak

Mission peak is one of the popular hiking location near Fremont. Every week, numerous people from in and around bay area, hike this peak. And, I get to do it this Sunday.

Mission Peak Trail head

You can reach the peak either from Ohlone college trail head or from Stanford Ave trail head. It is recommended to do start the hike from Ohlone college, as this location offers plenty of parking, but for a fee though.

Ohlone college parking lot

I parked my car in the multi-story parking structure you see above. It costs 4$ for a full day permit. I started my hike from the Ohlone college trail head at around 6.30 AM. I wanted to start a bit earlier to reach a good vantage point for the sunrise. But, being this my first hike at this location, I didn't know if the path will be lit and good enough to hike in the dark. So I started a bit late and missed most of the sunrise light.

Mission peak hiking path from Ohlone college

The trail is very challenging and you will see it the moment you get past the first gate. If you are hiking in the middle of a sunny day, make sure you bring enough water to drink. Even if you hike before the sun started scorching, it is better to bring enough water because you WILL need it. The trail didn't have many switchbacks but it is steep. But fortunately, the Ohlone college trail provides some shades compared to the Stanford Ave trail. And, people use this trail a lot just because of this.

Switchback in mission peak hiking train

Once you get past the second gate, you will start ascending on the mountain and you get to see awesome views of the bay area. Make sure to be there during the golden hours to get a glimpse of the bay area basking in the morning sun rays.

Onlooking bay area from mission peak trail

As you continue to hike, you will be presented with awesome views of greeny mountains. In some places you can see the cattle hiked up to top of the mountais and grazing. And you will see yourself, panting left and right just for half of an hour of walk in the taril and you will feel ashamed. You will learn to get past this!! :)

Ranch on the way to mission peak

Greeny mountains

It may take upto 4 to 5 hours for an average hiker to complete the entire hike. But at the end, you will feel the mission accomplished or peaked or whatever! :)