Inserting Adsense within post content in Thesis WordPress

*The usual placement of ads in a blog post is either before the post content or after it. But, if you want to place the ads within* your content, then there's a way to do it in WordPress. This same technique works in Thesis theme too!

Using wordpress filters, we can insert ads (or any content you wish) within the post content. Filters are great way to modify a content. They take one input, apply the modifications and return the output. That's what we are going to do now for your post content. We are going to put a place holder for ads in our post content and using filters we are going to replace this placeholder with Adsense.

Follow these steps:

  1. Get your Adsense code.

  2. Open functions.php or custom_functions.php(if you are using Thesis theme) in your wordpress dashboard and add the below code (take a backup before, if you like): function insertAdInPost($post_content){ $ad='[your-Ad]'; return str_replace("[adsense]", $ad, $post_content); } add_filter("the_content", "insertAdInPost");

  3. Replace the place holder '[Your-Ad]' with your adsense code and save the file.

  4. Edit any post in which you want to add Adsense, and place the markup '[adsense]' where you want to insert the ad.

That's it! Your own smart Adsense, without using any plug-ins stuff!

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