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Launching Countrack.me - my new side project

Today, I am very happy to announce the launch of countrack.me.

Countrack.me is a HTML5 / JavaScript application to track your daily activities anonymously.

It's been developed out of my own need to keep track of my activities. The idea-to-app happened in just 2 weeks, as 13 days ago I made the first commit. I designed the application, primarily keeping Mobile as the platform of choice.

Here's what the application looks like.

countrack.me screenshot

Here are some of the bullet points that tries to explain you about the application.

  • Its 100% JavaScript application with no server code (except for the nginx that serves the static files).
  • Its Free & Open Source.
  • There are no signup / signin BS (that makes one less password to remember). You can start using the application right now, as everything is client side, including your activity data which gets stored in browser's localStorage.
  • Optionally, you can upload your data to Firebase if you happen to clear your browser cache often and want to keep a backup of your data. This is completely opt-in and without you uploading, the application won't send any of your data to any server.
  • Offline mode enabled. Lost the internet connection? You can still use countrack.me

It would be great if you try out this tool and let me know your feedback.

This is just a start and I am hoping to add few more features to the app in the upcoming releases. If you happen to have any suggestion, please feel free to contact me or open an issue.