Veera - JavaScript Developer


Here's a collection of side projects I worked on during my off time. All these projects are open source and you can find the source code in my Github profile.

Apps I created

  1. Route Planner

    Route Planner helps you to plan your travel routes. Create up to 10 routes. See distance and time details for each way points and whole route.

  2. Countrack

    Countrack is a offline enabled web application, targeted to mobile devices, to help the user track activities.

  3. Time the task

    Time the task is a web application for managing and time tracking tasks. It has a agile style dashboard where user can move around tasks to different statuses.

  4. Timelinr

    Timelinr or timeline builder helps you to make visual timeline and generate HTML for it so that the timeline can be embedded in any web page.

Games I developed

  1. 2048

  2. Brainvita

  3. Rock Paper Scissor Lizard Spoc

    Rock Paper Scissor Lizard Spoc