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Resurrecting the blog

How long can a writers block last? My personal record seems to be 6 months.

The last time I wrote something in this blog is on October, 2015. Between then and now, a lot of things have happened.

  • I moved to US for work.
  • I got a new job at Visa.
  • My office work took most of my free time and the energy.
  • The unlimited internet of America spoiled me. :)

I guess those reasons were enough (especially the last one) to justify the inactivity of this blog. But, past is past, I have decided to refocus my efforts of writing frequently in here. I just need to find the content and time to write, like the one I am doing right now, writing about the plan to write.

And, btw, if you haven't noticed yet, I redesigned this blog (if you have noticed, thanks). Do let me how does it look. I have also heavily modified the Jekyll blog structure. If you are interested, you can take a look at the source code. I'll be writing about the redesign process soon.