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starUML and argoUML - compared

** I have been using few UML modeling tools like argoUML and starUML for quite some time. I have already blogged about my first impressions on argoUML.In that blog post, one user replied that I should have a look at starUML which is also free/open source and is lot better than the argoUML modeling tool. So, I tried starUML also. After using both UML modeling tools, here are my observations on them.


starUML is an open source UML modeling application licensed under a modified version of GNU GPL. Since the goal of starUML is to compete with the commercial UML modeling applications like Microsoft's Visio and IBM's Rational Rose, starUML boasts a complete set of UML modeling features.

Pros / Features of starUML

  • Supports most of the diagrams specified in UML 2.0.
  • Very rich feature set and formatting options.
  • Ability to generate source code from the UML diagram.
  • Reverse engineer the existing code into UML diagrams.
  • Supported languages : C , C# and Java.
  • Fast load time/execution time compared with other UML tools.
  • Familiar Visual Studio like user interface.
  • Supports exporting diagrams into JPG / XMI formats.

Cons of starUML

  • Does not supports exporting diagrams into SVG format.


argoUML is written in Java and released under open source BSD License. argoUML is not yet developed completely, still is in O.xx versions. As it is already available in market and used by many developers around the world, I am putting my reviews on this UML tool.

Pros / Features of argoUML


  • Written in Java, so runs in all the platforms where Java runs.
  • Supports Code generation from the UML diagram / UML Diagram generation from the code.
  • Currently supported languages are C , C#, Java and PHP.
  • Ability to manage ToDo list.
  • Export UML diagram into XMI / JPG / SVG / PS formats.

Cons of argoUML

  • Not fully supports UML 2.0.
  • Can't Undo! Developers of argoUML must be so optimistic that people (especially Software Developers) never do mistakes. :)
  • Written in Java, so run comparatively slower than starUML.
  • Lack of formatting options.

After using these two UML modeling tools, I recommend starUML for any developer.

What is your opinion on these two UML tools? Are they capable of replacing Visio and Rational Rose? Are there any other Free / Open Source UML modeling tools that I am missing here? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section.