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Thank you friends! This blog is now 3 years old.

Well, well, well, I completely forgot that I started this blog on this same month, three years ago. Yes! Now this blog completes **3 years **and steps into the fourth year.

Of course, without your support and feedback, this wouldn't have happened. So, **thank you one and all **for reading my blog and encouraging me through comments.

Its time for some retrospection. Let's see  how this blog performed till now (thanks to WordPress Stats and Google Analytics for tracking the data)

Number of visitors:

visitor data for my blog

The total number of page views is now stands at 587,916 a healthy number for a blog like mine. Now, on an average, my blog gets close to 30K page views per month (twice it crossed 30K recently). Not bad!

Traffic sources:

traffic sources for the year of 2011

Other Metrics:

  • Alexa Rank: 248, 372 [check ]
  • Page Rank: 2
  • Subscribers: **351 **[ subscribe ]
  • Google Connect: **95 members **[ join below ? ]
  • Affiliate Ads: ~Rs 20K [ interested? ]

Thank you:

Thank you once again for keeping this blog alive. I know I have considerably reduced my posting frequency. But, I'm trying to improve that now (5 posts in 6 days now! :) ).

Do let me know your comments which will definitely help me to improve on.