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Thank you, my readers! - this blog turns one year old!

It was June 2008, when I decided to go for my own website. Before that, I was having my blog  at Blogger.com. But, I was always looking forward to a own a domain, mainly for building a identity for myself in web. So, I started this website and the blog, during the month of June 2008. From then, this website has grown from zero to what it is now. In this month, this blog has completed one year of existence. So, it's time to look back and analyze how this blog has been performing.

Some statistics for veerasundar.com/blog

From the time I started using WordPress as my blogging platform, I've integrated WordPress Stats plug-in to track my website readers. Below is a snapshot of my reader's trend from WordPress Stats.

stats for Veerasundar.com/blog

  • Total Number of Visitors : 64,379 (till June '09)
  • Google Page Rank : 3
  • Alexa Traffic Rank : 350,468 [link]
  • Number of RSS Subscribers: 68 (as per Jun 27 '09) [Subscribe]

As you can see, even though there are some spikes and lows, my blog readership numbers are increasing steadily, which is a good news to me. This wouldn't be possible with out you. So, thanks a lot, my readers, for your continued support to this blog.

Time changes, so does my blog theme!

If you are a frequent visitor to my blog, you would have noticed a BIG change in the look and feel of this blog. YES! I've changed the blog theme, again. I've waved good bye to the image-rich Arclite theme, to welcome a neat and minimalistic theme Oulipo. The new theme sports a very clean white look and fixed sidebars in both side. I like this theme very much and I hope (note 'Ëœhope') that I'll be using this theme for some time.

That's it for now. I once again thank you for your support. Please let me know what you feel about my blog and the new theme!