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The Evolution of a Web Developer

If you are learning something new , be it a programming language, photography, driving a car - you name it, you get to learn the very basics first. And then you slowly move upwards the learning curve and start learning the best practices and pit falls. Finally you tend to master the art and bring your own ways of doing it.

In the same way, a web developer might evolve progressively in web development. What I think as the different stages in an web developer's evolution are:

  1. **HTML Stage **- uses simple, plain HTML and the and similar tags to design the site layout and look and feel.
  2. HTML Inline CSS In file JavaScripts stage- starts using Cascading Style Sheets to separate the content from style and a basic JavaScript to validate inputs. Heavily depends on *prompt *and *message box *for communicating with site user.
  3. HTML External CSS External JS stage** **- intermediate stage where the developers learns to separate the content from the functionality and design. But still often *re invents *the wheel, by avoiding to use language frameworks.
  4. **HTML CSS/JS Frameworks AJAXified stage **- has a wide knowledge about several web frameworks and using them in projects. Try to solve any problem using AJAX (even *Hello World *can't escape!). Builds the site for high end browsers (Chrome, etc.) first and the fix it for the low end browsers (IE5, etc) .
  5. **HTML 4.01 Progressive Enhancement stage - **builds the site for the low end browsers first and slowly introduce the enhancements (CSS, JS, etc.) in step by step. Always try to comply with the web standards. Puts the graceful degradation as important as the complete functionality of the site.

So, At what stage are you in?

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