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What advice will you give for a J2EE fresher?

Recently, I was surprised to get an email from an Java fresher, who asked me to give some suggestions on learning J2EE technologies. Here is what I've replied:


My advice to the Java Freshers:

  • Along with plain servlets and JSPs, it's good to know about a MVC framework (Struts or JSF), Hibernate and Spring. These days Spring is getting more attention as both MVC framework and as data access framework. So, try to master Spring.
  • Also, have a good understanding about JUnit and log4j. Most of the enterprise applications use these two.
  • And try working with application servers like JBoss or Glassfish, since you will have to use these for your application development/deployment.
  • Learn JSTL (in case you didn't know it before)
  • Create an online portfolio - since you are already developing websites, this will not be tough. :)
  • Apart from the server side technologies, try to get a grip on the client side tools also (JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, etc).
  • Regarding the companies, Sun would be a better place to get a good exposure in J2EE!! :) :) Just kidding!! The experience is depends on the kind of project that you get!! Even if you don't get challenging projects, you are always welcomed to take up a open source Java project!

Do you want to add anything to this?