Ever since I started blogging, during end of the year I used to write a retrospection of things I did in that year. It has kinda become a tradition to me and an excuse for a new post. As the year 2012 has only a day of fuel left in it, let me stop and look back.

Last year resolutions:

You follow them or not, but you must make a list of new years resolutions. So, did I. For 2012, I had three things in my mind.

  1. Release treesk.com - it's my web app that I've started working on during the first quarter of 2012. Initially I planned to release it before 2012, but due to some personnel setbacks (definitely not because of Mayans's), I couldn't. But I'm quite happy with its current progress. The 0.9 version of it '˜almost'˜ ready and I'm hoping that the 1.0 version will see the light before first quarter of 2013.
  2. Get a new job - I did kinda get a new job. I mean, I joined PayPal again. Even though I worked at PayPal for last 2 years, I was a CSC employee then. Last year, I directly joined PayPal. Not sure what 2013 has in its store for my career! :)
  3. Improve skills in photography - totally nuked this. I hardly took out my Camera last year (apart from the time when I was in San Jose/San Francisco). Next year, SHOULD.GO.FOR.PHOTO.WALKS.

New year resolutions:

  1. Release treesk. Make it reach people. 
  2. Write. A lot. Get back to blogging. And, possibly an eBook.
  3. Open source timethetask.

Some important events:

  1. Launched and open sourced Twikural.
  2. Became a DZone Most Valuable Blogger (MVB).
  3. This blog crossed 1 million page views.

Stats for veerasundar.com/blog:

2012 statistics

Happy new year!

I take this moment to wish every one of you and your family a happy and prosperous new year!

So, screw you Mayans and what's up 2013?