I’d never thought I would buy one Netbook for myself. I already own a Laptop and I’m quite happy with its performance. But, it’s 15’³ screen made it uncomfortable to carry around. I have been using it more or less like a desktop (it hardly moved an inch from where I kept it few months back!).

That’s why I bought one netbook - **Acer Aspire one 722 **and I must say I’m more than happy with it’s performance till now.

Aspire one has this configuration: AMD Dual core processor (up to 1.33 GHz) with 2GB memory and 320GB HDD. The screen is 11.6’³ and its ultra thin. Battery life comes around 5 hours (full charge). It comes with Windows 7 starter edition and costs ~Rs 20K.

On performance, this netbook has exceeded my expectation. Initially, I thought, one couldn’t open even  2 applications together as netbooks suck if you make them work hard. But, below is a list of apps that I usually run at anytime in my netbook without much trouble.

  1. Eclipse
  2. Sublime text
  3. XAMPP server
  4. Chrome (at least 5 tabs open)
  5. Firefox
  6. Gtalk
  7. iTunes

And frequently I open other applications too and the netbook has run them all.

Of course, it gets heated up a bit (no wonder, considering the load I give to it). But, it hasn’t become a problem so far.

The only concern I have with its is the lack of separate Home and End keys. Instead, one has to press *Fn Pg Up / Fn Pg Dn **to get the functionality of *Home *and *End. This could seem like not an issue at all. But believe me, if you do lots of coding, then you’ll pull your hair out every time you need to press 2 keys instead of one to move your cursor at the beginning/end of a line.

Overall, great value for money!