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Bought a new Laptop - Acer Aspire 5738Z

Last weekend, the first item on my TODO list was to setup a desktop PC. I had decided on the PC configuration long back ago, but didn't actually set it up. Because that time I was in Trivandrum, where the PC accessories might cost a bit higher. I was holding that plan till I move to Chennai. After I moved to Chennai, last Saturday I got some free time to get the things ready.

In Chennai, there's a place called [Ritchie street][4] where you can get almost everything that is related electronics. Starting from the transistors, diodes, computer parts, laptops to whatever that has some electrons flowing through it. At some shops you can even get your final year engineering projects done for cheap rate! But you need to go to a trusted shop otherwise you'll end up with a defective product.

[4]: http://maps.google.co.in/maps/place?um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=ritchie street chennai&fb=1&gl=in&hq=ritchie street&hnear=chennai&cid=11039686657185139599 "Ritchie Street on Google Map"

That is where I went to buy a new desktop. After searching in few stores, I was surprised to see a laptop that came so closer or even beats my decided configuration. Surprisingly the laptop cost was much lesser than my expectation. So, immediately I changed my mind to go for it instead of desktop. That's how I ended up with buying the Acer Aspire 5738Z. acer-aspire-5738z

The configuration: Intel Pentium processor 2.2 GHz, 15.6 HD LCD screen, 3GB memory, 320 GB Hard disk, DVD Drive, Bluetooth, Card reader, Finger print scanner and few extra things! And the total price comes to RS 26, 800/- Good deal, isn't it?

Btw, this post is written and published from my new laptop! :)