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Redesigning my home page as a game

All these days, I was using my home page to tell my visitors about myself. My previous home page designs were all similar to magazine style with all the information spread across the page and the visitor can go and read.

But yesterday, I got an idea to change this. What if the user discover the information about me rather than me showing all information at once. It would increase the visitors curiosity and give them some fun rather than boring reading stuff.

Then born the idea of presenting my information by means of a simple card matching game. Sat down for 5 hours to write the game logic and design the site - thanks to JQuery, JQuery Flip, HTML5 and CSS3 for designing websites such an easy task. Within one day, I conceptualized the idea, implemented it and pushed it to live.


[]: https://veerasundar.com

Only the basic version is now live. I'm planning to add scoring, reloading, randomizing cards position and few more stuffs once I get some positive feedback from my readers.

Play the game and let me know your feedback.