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Rock Paper Scissors and Bombs

Last Saturday, I was bored. So, thought of writing a game in JavaScript using HTML5 and CSS3 techniques. And thats how *Rock Paper Scissors and Bombs *came to life.

Rock Paper Scissor and Bombs

It's a simple game that is played in many parts of the world (though with different names). To play, you and the other player should choose a hand gesture (either *rock, paper or scissor) *at the same time. The gesture which has higher power than the other one is decided as the winner.

[]: https://veerasundar.com/rock-paper-scissors/ "Rock Paper Scissor and Bombs"

Initially, when I started coding this game, I didn't have any intention to add Bombs to it. But, finally when I completed the game UI, I'd the little idea of tilting the score panel based on the score weight. i.e. the bigger the score, the higher the score's side goes up.

And then, I thought it would be nice to place a bomb over the score panel so that when the lower score side tilts more, the bomb will fell down on that side thereby killing that player.

It took around 10 hours to complete this game. In one week, it has generated 500 Unique visitors and 1K page views till now. Not bad for a hobby project, I would say!

Please play this game and I hope you'll like it. And of course, your feedback is always appreciated.