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So long 2010, Welcome 2011

firefoworksFirst of all, let me wish you a happy holidays and advanced wishes for the wonderful new year!

While we are so busy with our work and other stuff, the clock never stopped ticking and yet another year has passed away in-front of our eyes. To compensate this, the Time (not that Time!) has gifted us a brand new year - 2011. So, lets start live in the present than worry about the past.

Enough of philosophies and preaching. Lets come to the point of this post. That is, sharing my stats, as I did on last year.

Last year resolutions:

Last year I had three resolutions.

  • Build a better blog - Which, I think, is accomplished by looking at the stats below. But, the mission does not end here. :)
  • Learn a new language (Scala, Python) - unfortunately, this one is still open. But, I did learn new (markup) languages after joining PayPal. But still, Scala is in my mind always.
  • Learn photography and buy a DSLR - Done. Bought one DSLR and learnt some basics of photography. But a long way to go. Here are some clicks for you: Photos 1 , Photos 2 and Flickr.

New year resolutions for 2011:

Time to set some new goals.

  • To release the new website that I'm currently working on.
  • To learn a new language (Rails and Scala are in, as of now).
  • To network with more and more people in my field.

I think three is enough. So, what are your resolutions? Do share it in comments and leave a link to your blog post.

Important events for veerasundar.com/blog:

  • Last year, this blog fetched some good advertisement offers. I spent that money again for improving this blog itself: Bought the Thesis theme and setup an additional monitor (and btw,  If you like to advertise here, do contact me :) )
  • The total number of page views crossed 4,00,000 and as of today it is 4,24,140. That's some number! (source: wordpress.com stats)
  • A total of 61 posts have been published in this year (238 posts overall).
  • Google Friend connect members count is grown to 69 while feed subscribers count is at **314 **now.

Visitor trend for the year 2010:

[![visitor trend][14]][14]

[]: https://veerasundar.com/img/2010/12/stats-visits.png

Traffic source stats for the year 2010:

[![traffic source][15]][15]

[]: https://veerasundar.com/img/2010/12/stats-source.png

Thank you my blog readers!

Of course, with out you, nothing above was possible. So, I thank you very much for the continued support and wish you all a wonderful and happy new year.

See you all in new year with more and more posts about Java and Web development!

And, please share your thought about my blog in the comments. That'll help me to improve. :)