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What does it take to make a ‘good’ developer resume?

Are you a programmer? If yes, then I need to hear from you.


You heard what Dilbert has to say about the process of resume making. Now it's time for you voice your thoughts.

According to you, what does it take to make a good developer resume? I'm not talking about the skills and experience part. Assume that you have enough skills to fill up an entire page and some experience too. My question is about how you present this data in your resume. To summarize, I need your thoughts on the below questions about a developer's resume:

Questions for YOU!

  1. Do you prefer a single page resume or multi-page? If multi, then how many pages of resume you think is good enough to sell you?
  2. Do you elaborate on your work experience (like, job description, responsibilities, etc.) or you want to keep it short?
  3. Do you have more than one resume - like a master one with all details and one page resume targeted to a particular position?
  4. In what order you present information in the resume: Objective, Experience, Skills, Education, Summary?
  5. Do you really think the resume layout matters more than the content itself?
  6. Which font do you use for your resume? Arial?  Verdana?  Webdings?
  7. Do you prefer to maintain an online version of your resume?

This is an open thread for all. You are most welcomed to pour in your thoughts about any of the above questions. If you have any other opinion, you are welcomed to leave a comment for that also. I hope that this thread will bring some insights about the developer resumes and will help the newbies.